Active Bid List

UTC Table
Collective Number Description Awarded To
Bid ID 6652 (2569440) General Maintenance, Renovation & Repairs, including Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Awarded to Multiple Vendors
Bid ID 5359 (2312600) Athletics Screen Print for Apparel Awarded to Multiple Vendors
Bid Id 5180 (2279457) Painting/Wall Repair Services T&M Awarded to Multiple Vendors
Bid Id 4462 (2146178) CHATTANOOGA PREFERRED HOTELS Awarded to Multiple Vendors
Bid Id 4513 (2158134) Mechanical T&M Services Chase Mechanical Service, LLC
Bid Id 4511 (2158123) Electrical T&M Services Adman Electric
Bid Id 3630 (1867473) School Bus/Charter Transportation First Student & Premier
Bid Id 2336 (1581363) UTC Fan Engagement Paciolan
Bid ID 3053 (1851208) AMD Cluster Equipment Cirrascale Cloud Services, LLC
Bid ID 3214/ Original Bid ID 3056 (1852906) IBM Cluster Equipment Cirrascale Cloud Services, LLC
Bid ID 3575 (1949458) Medical Services Athletics Chattanooga Hamilton County Hospital Authority d/b/a Erlanger Health System
Bid ID 7447 Event (2764382) RFQ-S Medical Services for Health Services/Sports Medicine 
Bid ID 3968 (1959539) Landscaping & Maintenance Sikes Services LLC (DBA City Green Services)
ESM#2901 (Event 1810724) Ruckus Network Equipment Gov Connection
ESM#2702 (Event 1794256) BROCADE/RUCKUS REFRESH Insight Public Sector
ESM#2335 (Event ID 1739936) UTC Children's Center Lunches Lunch Box Deli (Donna Laster)
ESM#2651 (Event ID 1770145) ARUBA WIRELESS REFRESH Gov Connection
ESM#2336 (Event ID 1727795) UTC Center for Professional Education Services Z-School
ESM#1644 (Event ID 1548944) UTC CIO SEARCH PROJECT BLT Consulting
ESM#1504 (Event ID 1511752) UTC Sinefa Products Teneo Inc.
ESM#1297 (Event ID 1450505) UTC Cleaning Restrooms_Carpet Mark Cookston (DBA Cleantek)
ESM#1342 (Event ID 1457001) UTC Water Treatment Services for Chilled, High Temperature, and Hot Water Treatment Hydro Chemicals, LLC
ESM#796 UTC Entertainment/Production Services RFP 2018 M&M Productions USA and Seals Production
ESM#844 UTC Choir Republic of Ireland Tour RFQ Concept Tours
ESM#791 UTC Pest Control RFQ 2018 Sentinel Pest Control
ESM#1580 UTC Campus Charter Bus Services RFP 2018 Premiere
ESM#1455 UTC Cleaning Services RFP 2018 RBS
ESM#1529 UTC Aruba Wireless Equipment RFQ 2018a Gov Connection
ESM#1469 UTC Children's Center Lunches 2018 RFQ Lunch Box Deli
ESM#1428 UTC Health Insurance Billing Services RFP Will not be awarded
ESM#1340 UTC Online Graduate Programs RFP Will not be awarded
ESM#1255 (Event ID 10055510) UTC Indoor Short Game Golf Facility RFQ XGrass Inc., LLC
ESM#1331 UTC IBM Power 9/Model 8335-GTG Servers RE-BID RFQ Cirrascale Cloud Services, LLC
ESM#1274 UTC Unarmed Security Guards RFQ 2017 Will not be awarded
ESM#1314 UTC IBM Power 9/Model 8335-GTG Servers RFQ 2017 Re-Bid
ESM#1241 (Event ID 10055397) UTC Time & Material General Construction RFQ 2017 J&J Contractors
ESM#1196 (Event ID 10055182) UTC Graphic and Mail Services RFP 2017 Canon
ESM#1166 (Event ID 10054799) UTC Children's Center Lunches RFQ 2017 Donna Laster Enterprises LLC
ESM#1060 (Event ID 10054635) UTC Overflow Housing and Shuttle Service RFQ 2017 Will not be awarded
ESM#1027 (Event ID 10051482) WUTC Broadcast Engineer RFQ (Re-Bid) Samuel Lewis
ESM#964 (Event ID 10053563) RFP Search Firm for Director of The SIMCenter 2016 BLT Consulting
ESM#914 (Event ID 10053159) UTC F5 Load Balancer(s) CDW Government, Inc.
ESM#885 (Event ID 10052910) UTC Transcription and Captioning Services Automatic Sync Tech
ESM#890 (Event ID 10052882) UTC Metal Detectors Event Metal Detectors, LLC
ESM#876 (Event ID10052851) UTC AVAYA VOIP Telephone System ConvergeOne
ESM#904 (Event ID 10052538) UTC Online MBA RE-BID KeyPath
ESM#886 (Event ID 10052830) RFP Marketing/ Branding Firm Services - RE_BID Tailfin
ESM#870 (Event ID 10052817) UTC Firewall Equipment Unico Technology, LLC
ESM#861 (Event ID 10052538) RFP Online MBA Services Re-Bid
ESM#795 (Event ID 10052343) Children's Center Lunches Lunch Box Deli
ESM#785 (Event ID 10052367) Window Security Screens - Walker/UC Foundation Dorms Will not be awarded
ESM#780 (Event ID 10052368) Flooring - Lockmiller Apartments Walker Interiors
ESM#776 (Event ID 20008017) T-shirts and Promotional Items Incor Design and Promotions
ESM#772 (Event ID 20008024) Walker/UC Foundation Carpet Replacement Walker Interiors
ESM#698 (Event ID 10051896) Asbestos Abatement Outdoor Tennis Courts Pinnacle
ESM#655 (Event ID 10051569) Roof Replacement Lockmiller II Total Building Maintenance
10051724 RFP Custodial Services for UTC Library Premiere Building Maintenance
ESM#608 10051482 Broadcast Engineer Services S PARKS HALL
ESM#602 10051423 UTC Network Core Upgrade Bedroc, Direct 2 OEM
ESM#493 10050320A Time and Material Industrial HVAC Johnson Controls Inc.
ESM#440 10050578 Network Border Firewall Equipment Unico Technology, Vista One Corp.
10050391 RFP Medical Services for Athletes Erlanger (Hamilton County Hospital Authority)