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Dr. Irina Khmelko
UC Foundation Associate Professor
Political Science & Public Service
Ph.D., Indiana University
  (423) 425-5755
  (423) 425-2373
  208 Pfeiffer

Doctor Khmelko received her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Political Science from the School of
Public and Environmental Affairs and the Department of Political Science, Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana. She also has an MPA (Master of Public Administration) degree from
Bowling Green State University, USA; MA (Master of Arts) from Lancaster University, UK; and
a graduate degree from the USSR.

She previously held the position of a Visiting Professor in the School of Public and
Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington. She also served as an Associate,
Contractor and Invited Guest Speaker for U.S. Agency for International Development funded
organizations. She has also served as a project Coordinator at the Center for Strategic and
International Studies headed by the 10 th US National Security Advisor Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Her research interests lie in the field of world development, democratic institution building, and
democratization in comparative politics and public administration. She has served as a guest
editor and published in a variety of journals including The Journal Legislative Studies, The
Journal Communist and Post-Communist Studies, the Journal of Family and Adolescent Health,
and The Journal of East European and Asian Studies. Dr. Khmelko works in seven languages
and some of her articles are published in foreign language publications.