STEPHEN ESKILDSEN has a Ph.D. in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia (1994). His specialty is Taoist religion. He has been teaching at UTC since 1998. He has published two books with SUNY Press, Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion and The Teachings and Practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoist Masters.  His third book, Daoism, Meditation, and the Wonders of Serenity: From the Latter Han Dynasty (25-220) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), will be published in December, 2015 (also from SUNY Press).  He has presented papers in China, Japan, Austria, Norway, Germany, Spain and Canada, as well as the United States. Courses taught include Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Mysticism East and West, Religions of India, Chinese Philosophy and Religions of the East.