Health & Safety

Security is taken quite seriously at OCHJS. Before arrival, a full list of participants will be given to OCHJS administration. After arrival, expect to wear an ID of some sort to identify you to staff. If you do not have your OCHJS ID, expect to be challenged and asked why you are on the grounds. Each person will have his or her own room key and front door key. Note that the main gates are locked at 11 P.M., preventing automobiles from entering or leaving. If you return to OCHJS after 11 P.M., you will still be able to gain access to your room, however.

Each program participant should have an adequate supply of prescription medicines with them in their original bottles. Students should also bring a copy of any prescriptions from their doctor, preferably with the scientific name of the medicine as well as the brand name.

The program recommends that each person bring a small first-aid kit with Band-Aids, sterile hand wipes, over the counter pain reliever, antibiotic ointment (Neosporin), and sun screen.

In case of a medical emergency, students will be sent to the emergency room at the John Radcliffe Hospital . If you need to consult a physician (and it is not an emergency), it may be possible to visit one of the physicians in Yarnton at the local surgery. Participants should make certain that they have adequate medical insurance coverage for travel to England . Many HMO plans provide coverage only for emergency room treatment. However, several insurers provide special riders or medical plans for travelers. We recommend that participants consult with an insurance or travel agent to discuss traveler's medical plans.