Frequently Asked Questions


Students entering the AGACNP program need to be able to document current certifications in ACLS on the first day of classes. Current status must be maintained throughout the program.


Can I Observe the role of an AGACNP?

Yes. We highly encourage all applicants to become familiar with the role of the AGACNP through "shadowing." Spending time with an AGACNP is one of the best ways to determine if this the advanced practice nursing role which will be meet your professional goals.

Applications are accepted with a deadline of October 1 of each year.


Is there a waiting list???

The UTC Family Nurse Practitioner and Adult Gerontololgy Nurse Practitioner Programs will not maintain a waiting list….


The Graduate School and the SON require students to have a 3.0 for consideration for the FNP and AGACNP programs. A strong science GPA is essential.

Is it true that you will be replacing your MSN in FNP and AGACNP with the DNP….

Financial aid is available for FNP and AGACNP students. Awards include aid from Federal Stafford loans and potential employers. Accepted applicants should contact the UTC Financial Aid office (423-425-4677) when they are notified of acceptance. Begin the process early by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on-line at

Is the program front-loaded?

First, an explanation on the differences between the two. Integrated FNP and AGACNP programs typically arrange their curricula so that students participate in didactic and clinical education concurrently while front loaded program students complete all didactic courses before beginning their clinical experience. UTC's  programs follows an integrated model.