University Offices & Departments

There are a lot of great ways MocSync can help your university office or department promote what you're doing to the entire campus community. We want to help you and connect you to our Mocs. By creating a portal for your office or department, we can truly maximize your footprint at UTC.


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Promote your events!

The events tool allows you to publicize your events to the entire campus community. You can list all of the vital information, collect registration or waiver forms, solicit RSVPs and get a shareable link for your social media. All events are hosted on a campus events calendar which is linked on, can be accessed through the portal and will soon be a part of a master calendar. PLUS, we can embed your events listing onto your website! 


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Solicit applications for student staff, leadership opportunities & scholarships!

Our forms tool allows you to solicit applications for leadership opportunities, scholarships, student staff positions and much more. Forms can be accessed by anyone with a UTC ID, open and close based on your timeline and send automatic notification. Have a review board or committee? We can add them as reviewers to your form and they can score entries based on a rubric you design!

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Track visitors to your office or attendees at an event!

With our events tool, we can enable tracking through swiping a Mocs Card. We can setup a recurring event for your office to track who comes in and out of your office space. 

After creating an event, you have the ability to track attendance the same way. 

All attendance reports are viewable as PDF or excel export. You can use this data to run analytics about the types of students who came to your event (on or off-campus residents, demographics, etc.)