Upsilon Theta Chi

group photo of inductees

CSI Members Fall 2011

New CSI Members inducted for the Fall semester of 2011:

Front Row L to R: Bonnie Calloway, Olivia Trotter, Nicole Siebert, Allyson Stone.

Second Row L to R: Brittany King, Jordan Bodnar, Katie Hillis, and Britney Jackson.

Students wear Christmas sweaters

CSI Christmas Party 2011

CSI "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party, 2011:

Front Row L to R: Bonnie Calloway, Whitney Smith.

Second row L to R: Whitney Wyatt, Rebekah Hughes, and Whitney Clark.

Back row L to R: Kassie Varnell, Anne Claire Vos, Whitney Norcross, and Lauren Stevens.

Four students in group photo wearing graduation gowns

CSI Graduates Fall 2011

CSI Graduates for the Fall Semester of 2011:

From L to R: Anne Claire Vos,

Rebekah Hughes,

Whitney Clark,

and Rebekah Bohannon.

two students make smoothies

CSI at Orange Grove 2010

CSI Members preparing food

at a community service project

at Orange Grove.

Thanksgiving 2010: From L to R:

Olivia Trotter, and Jordan Bodnar.

Counselor Education Program

Counselor Education Program