Technology Requirements

All doctoral courses utilize the Learning Management System (LMS), currently UTC Learn/Blackboard (link: UTC Learn).  Technology requirements include a PC or Mac computer, Microsoft Office (2010 version or newer), Adobe Reader, a high speed internet connection, and a webcam. While a tablet computer such as an iPad may be appropriate for personal use, Induction and course activities are best accomplished with a laptop or netbook computer. Participants must have administrative rights to their computer in order to install necessary software.

If a participant is considering purchasing a new laptop or netbook specifically for the program, we recommend purchasing a PC type computer. Our program faculty and staff utilize Windows and Microsoft software; therefore, a PC type computer is preferred for Induction and ongoing coursework activities to ensure compatibility. The majority of the required software programs are available in both PC and Mac formats. Please note that most deliverables for the program are submitted in Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Some participants have noticed differences when formatting documents using the Mac version of Microsoft Office.