Active participation and contribution in the Induction experience are foundational elements of the Learning and Leadership Doctoral Program. The Induction is a unique experience where doctoral faculty and participants come together to engage in rigorous, active learning.

Objectives of Induction:

  • Investigate and articulate the relationships between learning and leadership
  • Discuss expectations in terms of academic rigor and research
  • Explore the program’s seven competency areas and the Comprehensive Assessment
  • Examine the program philosophy and the various roles/responsibilities involved in doctoral study
  • Engage with cohort peers, program participants, doctoral faculty/staff, and university administrators

Participation in all virtual activities, attendance at face-to-face sessions, and active participation and contribution during the multi-day Induction experience is required. The required face-to-face Induction activities are held in Chattanooga, TN, and are typically scheduled the Friday and Saturday prior to the start of the Fall semester from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET. Should a participant be unable to actively engage in all Induction-related activities, s/he must notify the Program Office ( immediately and may consider applying to a future cohort.