Mosaic Program Mission Statement and Core Values 


Mission Statement 

Mosaic strives to give students an authentic college experience while providing a supportive and challenging environment that cultivates interpersonal, intrapersonal, and professional growth. It is our mission to foster independence and the development of community with the ultimate goal of gainful employment in the students’ chosen career.  


Core Values 


Students who develop self-ownership over their academic, personal and professional experiences and cultivate an awareness of how to use their resources effectively are empowered as self-advocates.   



It is vital for students to have a full college experience similar to that of their peers with the needed support behind the scenes. It is our goal to promote campus engagement and community development that fosters an equal opportunity for a successful college experience.   


Interpersonal Growth   

Through the utilization of social engagements, involvement in organizations, and professional opportunities we seek to provide students with a context for developing meaningful relationships and a sense of community.   


ASD Confident Community   

Fostering a greater understanding of ASD within each individual student allows for the development of a more Autism confident self-advocate. By continuing to provide educational experiences for our campus and extended Chattanooga partners, we will cultivate a more ASD confident community with many avenues of support within our community and beyond.   



We seek to support each student as they discover their individual skill set, developing their strengths and helping them to translate them into their professional niche. By building these strengths and allowing for opportunities for students to demonstrate them, we aspire to educate others about the benefits of partnering with individuals with ASD.