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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the UTC Counseling Program is to train knowledgeable, competent, skillful professional counselors to provide services in clinical mental health and school settings. Based on a developmental process of personal and professional wellness, this program emphasizes skill acquisition at early stages, progressing towards a strong theoretical and ethical foundation, and cultural competence in order to work with a variety of individuals.

Program Description

The UTC Counselor Education programs are designed to prepare beginning counselors to work in either clinical mental health and/or school settings. Successful completion of these programs result in a master’s degree. Upon completion of the sixty hour master’s degree, students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program have obtained the educational requirements needed to pursue a License as a Professional Counselor in Tennessee. For students enrolled in the School Counseling program, upon graduation students have fulfill the education requirements for Tennessee licensure as a school counselor.


The objectives listed below represent the major program objectives for all students in the counseling program. The more specific objectives related to each one of these provide the skeletal framework for the coursework offered to students and thus will be found in each course syllabus.

  • To facilitate student(s) acquisition of skills such as testing, ethics, consulting, interviewing, and diagnosis and assessment.
  • To facilitate student(s) acquisition of skills and abilities with research and evaluation tools relevant to the delivery of helping services in the school or community agency milieu.
  • To provide student(s) with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge base in those areas of professional orientation and acquisition of counseling and helping skills in the areas of individual and group interventions.
  • To provide student(s) with knowledge of the organization and administration of human service agencies or schools as well as clarity regarding the role of the professional counselor in each of these settings.
  • To introduce student(s) to an understanding of the wide scope of diverse populations they may encounter in their work settings.
  • To assure that the diversity of students recruited reflects the diversity of the university, community, and region served consisting of both urban and rural environments.


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If you are a UTC student interested in receiving counseling services, click here for the UTC Counseling Center.