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As the largest college on UTC’s campus, our 260+ faculty educate and mentor students in more than 70 highly acclaimed undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Indeed, we are proud of the fact that many of our faculty and academic programs are nationally recognized. The courses and programs we offer in the College provide a strong academic foundation for our students, one that prepares them for a lifetime of curiosity, growth, and learning.

Through our General Education curriculum, the large majority of which is administered through the College of Arts and Sciences, we likewise serve students in the professional and technical degree programs offered by other colleges on campus.

Through our 13 academic departments, we foster our students’ critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, skills that are required to collaborate across and with diverse groups, and communication skills—verbal and written—that employers of our graduates so highly value. That said, we proudly celebrate and champion liberal education, an approach to teaching and learning that emphasizes a broad and well-rounded course of study in the arts, the humanities, the natural sciences, mathematics, and the behavioral and social sciences. 

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