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Environmental Studies

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What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental Studies (EVST) is an interdisciplinary field that explores human interactions with their environments. These include the effects of human societies on the natural world and the role that environments, both natural and built, have played in shaping human cultures. EVST connects insights from the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, and more to better understand and address the complex environmental issues facing our contemporary world.

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What do EVST minors do?

Environmental Studies minors explore human engagement with the biophysical world in diverse settings, including urban, agricultural, as well as less managed “natural” environments. EVST minors create connections between such diverse disciplines as religion and philosophy, communication, biology and ecology, economics, history, literature, anthropology, health and human performance, and business in order to better understand, appreciate, and interact with their environments.

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Who should minor in EVST?

Any student interested in exploring the human dimensions of environmental issues, and being part of the solution to current environmental crises, should consider a minor in EVST. Given its broad interdisciplinary nature, a minor in Environmental Studies is a great complement for any major, preparing students to become environmental advocates and stewards in whatever field they are pursuing.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences