Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States

Founded in 2011, The Center for Reflective Citizenship (CRC) is a unit of UTC’s College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies. The CRC is dedicated to the revitalization of civic education in American schools and universities, and the equipping of a new generation of thoughtful citizens for the practice of democracy. The CRC, directed by Lucien Ellington, has an interdisciplinary focus.

Learn about our first extensive publication for teachers: 2017 Faculty Fellow American History and Government Teaching Modules!

The instructional modules encompass a variety of significant themes, but all modules share the following commonalities:

  • An emphasis upon rich and intellectually engaging American history and government content
  • Are designed to be taught in two-four hours of class time.
  • Include exemplary digital resources and practical pedagogical strategies
  • Fellows first taught extensive early versions of their modules and subsequently made modifications
  • Faculty Fellows working with CRC staff further refined and augmented all modules
  • Modules are focused but flexible; revisions resulted in more instructional options
CRC Faculty Fellows

Meet our Faculty Fellows!