Several test tubes laying on top of one another

AP® Chemistry

Welcome to the AP Summer Institute for Chemistry!   Be ready for four days of updated news, work, labs, and AP Chemistry fun.  Please bring a calculator, lab goggles, closed toed shoes and a lab coat or apron with you.  Also bring your favorite idea or activity that you use in your classroom and be ready to share it.  You will receive a binder with all the pertinent information and a thumb drive upon arrival at the class and hopefully a current textbook or two.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings will entail classroom work and the afternoon sessions will be laboratory oriented with two to three labs per afternoon. On Thursday morning we will finish our last two labs and conclude the workshop after lunch. We will begin each day at 8:00am and finish our day at 4:30 pm with one hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks.  This is to provide each of you with thirty hours of professional development and training.

Instructor - Linda Ann Kruegel

Hailing from North Carolina, I have taught AP Chemistry for over 23 years and retired after teaching all levels of Chemistry in public and private schools for over thirty years.  I have been an AP Chem exam reader for 16 years and have been giving one day and one week seminars for over twenty years.  I have served on the SAT ll Chemistry development committee and have served as a question leader for the Middle School Science Praxis grading committee.  I have a BS in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island and a MAT in Physical Science Education K-12 from Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

On a personal note we have two grown children, a daughter who is married and has a little girl, and a son. I love to garden, dance, swim, play tennis and golf, hike, crochet, and read.  This past year I have acquired a new love: pickleball!