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Center for Professional Education

Our mission is to offer engaged non-credit professional and lifelong learning programs to meet the diverse educational needs of the communities we serve.

Program Offerings

Professional Development

Two men sitting at a desk looking at a report

Business Management

A person sitting at a computer typing

Computer Training

An older man sitting at a desk sitting with a younger women reviewing a report


A female patient sitting in a hospital staff talking with medical staff


A group of professionals talking

Human Resources

A male IT engineer working on a system.

Information Technology

A female paralegal standing outside of a courthouse holding a file folder


Three employees standing at a whiteboard discussing a project management plan

Project Management

A picture that represents the supply chain transportation cycle which includes airplans, trucks, and boats

Supply Chain

A female teacher standing in front of a white board with her arms crossed

Teacher Training

Two men shaking hands

Train Your Workforce

A woman sitting and smiling as she works on her laptop

Online Courses

Test Prep

Graduate and Undergraduate Entrance Exam Test Prep

Female Student Studying

GRE® Test Prep

Student Studying

LSAT® Test Prep

Male Student Studying

GMAT® Test Prep

Stack of books

ACT® Test Prep

Student Studying

SAT® Test Prep

Classroom setting

Strategy Workshops

Medical Field Entrance Exam Test Prep

A group of students studying at a computer

DAT® Test Prep

A student studying at a computer with a pencil in his mouth

MCAT® Face-to-Face Test Prep

A group of students studying at a computer

MCAT® Live Online Test Prep

A student studying at a computer in the Lupton Library

OAT® Live Online Test Prep

A female student studying at a computer

PCAT® Live Online Test Prep