Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply to this unique opportunity.

Moc LEAD (Leaders Encouraging A Difference) launched during the 2017-2018 academic year and is the newest leadership experience at UTC. This experience is open to any undergraduate or graduate student in good standing with the institution.

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Faculty, staff, and community leaders facilitate workshops to help prepare participants for their next steps as leaders in their organizations, communities, and future careers!

Workshops focus on:

  • Defining personal leadership principles
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and identifying personal motivators to help achieve them
  • Identifying leadership and communication preferences
  • Navigating group dynamics
  • Learning management and priorizitation strategies
  • Utilizing conflict resolution tactics
  • Practicing public speaking skills
  • Applying leadership to your cover letter and resume

As a semester-long, cohort-based experience, semester I of Moc LEAD (Self-Awareness) is designed to help students develop their individual leadership skills while semester II focuses on organizational leadership. In order to participate in semester II, students must complete/graduate from the semester I experience. Moc LEAD Semester II information is sent to participants upon completion/graduation from the Semester I Experience.



Participants receive 10 Experiential Learning Points for completing each semester of Moc LEAD as part of the ThinkAchieve Program. Learn more →

Application Dates

Spring 2020 Moc LEAD Semester I (Self-Awareness) Applications are available until 4:00pm on Tuesday, January 28!

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Spring 2020 Moc LEAD Semester Ι (Self-Awareness)

Session Information

Session Date Session Topic
January 30 Leadership 101
February 6 Goal Setting and Motivation
February 13 Your Leadership Preferences
February 20 Communication Styles
February 27 Managment of Your Time
March 5 Public Speaking Skills
March 19 Leaders and Integrity
March 26 Applying Leadership to Your Resume
April 2 Graduation Celebration and Reception

*All Sessions Occur From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m

Detailed information about the semester can be found at: Complete Spring 2020 Moc LEAD Semester I (Self-Awareness) Details

Fall 2018 Semester I Graduates 

“This picture contains twenty (20) students within two rows who completed semester I of Moc LEAD during the fall 2018 semester. The students are dressed in business casual attire while holding a Moc LEAD completion certificate in front of them. There is an Office of the Dean of Students promotional pull-up banner on the left side of the image. This picture was taken in Multipurpose Room B of West Campus Housing after a recent celebration event before the Thanksgiving Holiday.”
  • Justin Abraham, Integrated Studies
  • Korede Ajumobi, Mathematics-Applied Statistics
  • Mubrra Amir, Biology (Pre-Professional)
  • Arielle Beard, Biology (Pre-Professional)
  • Jamison Colston, Philosophy
  • Ammar Elnaiem, Civil Engineering
  • Amanda Morgan Fann, English and Communications
  • Kevin Finch Jr., Mechanical Engineering
  • Alex Furlong, Nursing
  • John Goggans, Software Systems
  • Cheyenne Granstaff, Exercise Science
  • Sydney Joseph, Biology (Pre-Professional)
  • Celena Kirby-Smith, Psychology
  • Danielle Larson, Biochemistry and Spanish
  • Kaycee Ogle, Business Management
  • Anna Pate, Business Marketing
  • Beth Rachlin, Psychology
  • Breindia Sams, Interior Design
  • Carly Trussel, Business Marketing
  • Okaris Ulloa, Psychology
  • John Whittemore, Psychology

Previous Graduates

Fall 2017 Graduates →


For more information on Moc LEAD, email Daniel Grzesik, Director of Leadership Development and Programs at or call 423-425-4184.