Coaching Services

Each of the below coaching sessions can be scheduled with Daniel Grzesik, Director of Leadership Development Programs, via Calendly at or by phone at (423)425- 4184. Please plan for a 45 minute meeting (unless otherwise noted).

Career Readiness

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has defined career readiness as the attainment and demonstration of eight (8) essential competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace. An inventory by Dr. O’Keefe will help students identify the competencies that are personal strengths and ones where further development is needed. Students will receive guidance on how to gain experiences in these competencies while at UTC. Regardless of your major or year in school, now is the time to take this assessment.

Daring Leadership

It is often said that vulnerability is the foundation of leadership. Based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown and her book Dare To Lead, this inventory will help students identify courage-building skills that are personal areas of strength and challenge. Students will walk away with initial next steps and further reflection. This inventory is perfect for anyone looking to further build authentic relationships. Do you have the courage to be vulnerable?

Behavior Style

A comprehensive DiSC Assessment by John Wiley & Sons will help students identify which of four dimensions of behavior their actions most closely align with, the intensity of their actions in each of the dimensions, and their top behavioral patterns. This resource and coaching session will help you recognize how you work under-pressure, how you deal with fear, how you contribute to a team, what motivates you, and how you work to achieve success. This assessment and coaching session aims to help students reflect on their behaviors and the behaviors of others to create an environment that will promote success.

Leadership Practices

Researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner interviewed thousands of leaders from students to executives in all types of organizations for over 30 years. They have found that there are five distinct behaviors that highly successful leaders engage in. Which of these behaviors do your practice most often? How can you improve in all five behaviors? Students will walk away with attainable action steps for each of the five leadership behaviors. This inventory is perfect for anyone new to leadership or for someone looking to maximize the skills of team members.

Leadership Practices-Observer Challenge Edition

You took the Student Leadership Practice Inventory and you made a commitment to improve in each of the behaviors. Do your intentions and actions match the reality of others? Participate in

this Observer Challenge to find out. Identify a mentor who will give you honest feedback and then schedule a collective meeting to begin the challenge.

Creative Type

What is your creative type? Are you the artist; thinker; adventurer; maker; producer; dreamer; innovator; or the visionary? Stop by to take this fun Adobe Create resource to identify your predominant strength and what it all means.

Personality Type

Lewin’s Equation states that behavior (b) is a function (f) of people (p) in their environment. Personality is one of the many factors that guide an individual’s behavior. Do your tendencies align most with an analyst, diplomat, sentinels, or explorer? What type of analyst, diplomat, sentinels, or explorer are you? Come learn what your personality type may mean for your personal strengths and areas of challenge, your career path, habits, friendships, and relationships.

StrengthsQuest by Gallup

Do you know the strengths of your team members? When teams use the common language of strengths, it immediately changes their conversations. Using strengths language creates a positive dialogue and boosts the team’s engagement and performance. Students will identify their signature strengths and participate in awareness activities that will foster effective collaborative relationships leading to positive results. This consultation is ideal for an incoming executive board, committee, or team. There are costs associated with this service. Please contact us to learn more about StrengthsQuest and our custom-made workshops for your team.