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Regularly Scheduled Events


Due to campus health and safety measures in repsonse to COVID-19, the Center for Career and Leadership Development is not offering in-person events at this time. We encourage you to participate in the virtual events hosted by a variety of employers on Handshake.


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Career Fairs and Events

We offer a variety of career events throughout the academic year, from career-specific, to part-time to larger events with a broad range of employers to connect with and find your next opportunity.


Mind the Gap

In an effort to fill the space created by the adjusted Spring 2021 term, we are offering you a chance to choose your own adventure through a series of 30-minutes virtual sessions around career and professional development the week before Spring classes begin. Select one or several topics and join the conversation as you mind the gap.

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Put your best foot forward.

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Tips for a Successful Career Event Experience

Have your resume written, proofed, and printed

A resume should not be thrown together the night before the career fair.

This one-page document is a snapshot of your education, experience, and accomplishments. It’s crucial that you work to make your resume professional.

The Center for Career and Leadership Development offers resume review services via e-mail ( and by appointment (call 423-425-4184 or visit UC 317).

Resumes are reviewed in the order they are received. It may take longer to receive feedback during peak times, such as before career fairs and around class assignment due dates. 

Be well-groomed and have an outfit ready

Business professional (conservative) attire is recommended for most career events. The goal is to draw attention to your knowledge, skills and abilities. Looking the part will prevent potential distractions.

Research the companies that will be at the fair

Know who they are and what they do so you will stand out among other attendees. Reading up on some company news and happenings will go a long way.

Rehearse your elevator pitch

Practice saying your pitch out loud several times to memorize it and feel confident when saying it to recruiters.

Hints for a strong elevator pitch

Keep it short—45 seconds with great eye contact, a smile and enthusiasm.

Solve a problem—Example: “I am studying Communications because I love to engage others in a story. I am competitive and love to work on complicated tasks, and your client consultant position represents a great blend of the two.”

Read your audience—If someone finds a topic in your pitch to be engaging, it’s ok to talk about that topic a while longer.  If you need to create a better connection, don’t be afraid to find a new topic to discuss.

Make it (professionally) personal—Share a related story, connect on a commonality and convey your enthusiasm.