Mocs Card

Mocs Card Account

View, manage, or reload your Mocs Card with funds via GET.

Your Mocs Card is your official UTC ID card

This card can be used for the following purposes:

  • Admission to Athletic Events
  • Checking out books, laptops, etc. from UTC Library
  • Obtaining special rates and privileges at many University functions
  • Indication of an individual’s right to use University facilities
  • Secure door access validation
  • Access to campus shuttle and CARTA city transportation

Mocs Card can be used as a debit card at the following locations:

  • Food Services including University Center Food Court, Campus Crossroads, West Campus Housing, UC POD Market, South Campus Subway/POD Market, 
  • Graphic Services/ Mailroom
  • University Health Services
  • Bookstore
  • All copy and select vending machine locations
  • Parking Services 
  • Mocs Print Stations

A student’s initial Mocs Card is intended to last throughout a student’s entire stay at UTC. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Mocs Card office to be placed on hold. UTC is not liable for any loss of funds due to misuse or theft of a student’s Mocs Card. Replacement cards (lost, broken, damaged, or decoded) are made at the Mocs Card office for a cost of $15 to be paid at the Bursar’s office. Once a replacement card is made, previous cards cannot be re-activated under any circumstances. No fee is charged for the initial card or for the initial use of the debit card system. Replacement of a card due to a change in cardholder status or name is free; however, the old card must be presented in exchange. The filing of a police report does not waive the replacement fee of a stolen card.

(Decoded or damaged Mocs Cards may be rejected by the card readers.)

  • Do not bend, fold, or expose your card to excessive hot or cold temperatures, washing, or other damaging elements.
  • Do not pass your card through other systems (ex. Automated bank tellers), as decoding may occur.
  • Do not leave your card on or near a TV, stereo, cell phone, microwave oven, or other electromagnetic equipment. Some pocketbooks contain magnetic tab locks.
  • Do not punch holes in your card. This may make it unusable in any reader.
The Mocs Card is the property of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is non-transferable. Unauthorized use or use by a party other than the person identified on the Mocs Card, as well as tampering with or alteration of the card, warrants confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the University 
 Your Mocs Card may not be held by a university department for any reason. Your card is very important and should be in your possession at all times. Each Mocs Card contains a thin black magnetic strip on the back which stores each person’s individual card number. As additional card readers and door accessibility programs are implemented throughout campus, it will become even more imperative that you take measures to secure your card and report the card lost or stolen.
 Mocs Card transactions will be verified prior to the completion of all transactions. In the rare event a transaction cannot be verified due to a systems problem and a purchase occurs with insufficient funds, the owed funds will be charged to the cardholder’s financial account.