Dance Workshops

Dance workshops offered:

Elements of Dance 

K-12, Higher Ed teachers
Understand the elements of dance and their relationship to each other as a framework for teaching. This workshop integrates LMA and Bartenieff frameworks and principles as springboards for lesson ideas.
  • 3 to 6 hour workshop
  • $100 per hour*

Dance and the Young Child 

Early Childhood (0-8) Teachers
Developmental movement patterns shape us well beyond the early childhood years. Explore ways of seeing healthy or inefficient movement patterns and learn strategies for supporting differing movement abilities in the classroom.
  •  3 hour workshop
  • $300*

Developing a Dance Unit 

K-12 Teachers
How do you plan a unit of dance? Units can develop around concepts, works of art, student needs and interests, dance curriculum, or cross-curricular integration. This workshop breaks down the pieces of unit planning and provides guided planning time and support for designing a unit in dance. Backwards design, assessment strategies, and clear objectives are integrated into the SCEA lesson/unit design approach.
  •  3 hour workshop
  • $300*

Functional Anatomy 

K-2, 6-8, 9-12, Higher Ed teachers
How can the camera be a tool for choreography? This workshop looks at historical works and ideas, introduces participants to some basic tools of the trade, and develops a group film composition.
  • 6 hour workshop
  • $600*

Developing Scope and Sequence in Dance 

K-12 dance specialists (individual or group)

Developing a scope and sequence that is relevant to your dance program and the needs of your students is more than utilizing what you find on the web. Through consultation, research, and collaborative planning SCEA can support the dance specialist in the development of a scope and sequence that breathes and is relevant to the students and dance culture of your school.

  •  10 to 20 contact hours via phone or Skype (or onsite) with a site visit
  •  $100 per hour*
*Plus materials, mileage/airfare, per diem, lodging as applicable


For more information about the music workshops, developing other customized programs, and scheduling contact:

Redeitha Weiss
Administrative Assistant