Search Committee Members

UTC Table
Name Representing Title Email
Dr. Valerie Rutledge College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies Search Chair, Dean [email protected]
Mr. Bo Baker Library Library, Head of Research and Public Services [email protected]
Ms. Katie Gohn Library Head Collection Services [email protected]
Ms. Laura Perryman Library Business Manager [email protected]
Ms. Keani King Library Collections Specialist [email protected]
Ms. Andrea Schurr Library Digital Librarian [email protected]
Dr. Gail Dawson Department of Management Associate Professor [email protected]
Dr. Trevor Elliott Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor [email protected]
Dr. Lorna Durrant School of Education Assistant Professor [email protected]
Dr. Frank Butler Department of Management Professor [email protected]
Dr. Greg Odea Department of English Professor gregory-o'[email protected]
Ms. Aria Beloate Student Government Association Student [email protected]