Spring finds that persistent, honest thinking encourages us to make careful choices and resist what Socrates calls “the unexamined life.” In studying literary arts, ideas and ideologies, and the world we create in our own images, then, we’re stretching our way towards better individual and community lives.

Teaching Interests

Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies

Teaching Approach 

I rely on a teaching style that binds books and lived experience, and I respect that everyone in the room (and those who aren't, too) has an important voice that deserves to be in on the conversation.

What are your expectations of students?  

I expect students to stretch. Because in the liberal arts, we're after nothing short of freeing minds.

Why did you become an English professor?

Ralph Waldo Emerson probably didn't picture me as his "American Scholar." But I did.

What's something about you that might surprise your students?

I'm not afraid to admit a penchant for the likes of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Once Upon A Time.