First Year Studies

One of the most recognized parts of the First Year Experience is the course USTU 1250: The First Year Experience. This one credit hour course provides an introduction to college covering topics like how to be a successful student, what resources UTC has to offer, how to take ownership over your college experience, what majors and careers opportunities exist and how to become involved on campus.

There are many different types of USTU 1250 sections offered. Some are what we call general sections. Others are learning communities in which the class is associated with a certain major and is connected with another course. Some sections target a specific student population, such as first-generation college students, athletes and international students.

All courses are taught by a faculty member with the assistance of a peer mentor. The peer mentor acts as a resource for both the faculty teaching the class, as well as students taking the class.

This course counts as an elective and is recommended to be taken during the first semester at UTC by students who have earned less than 15 credit hours.

Students who have finished one year’s worth of classes at UTC can apply to be a FYE peer mentor.

This class helps you:

  • Identify the nature and purpose of a college education
  • Learn the expectations for academic success and importance of time management
  • Locate academic resources

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