Strategic Enrollment Technology

The Office of Strategic Enrollment Technology supports the vision, priorities and goals of the university by effectively leveraging information technology critical to successful enrollment management. This office is a vital link between UTC’s enrollment management objectives and its information technology capabilities.

The goal of the Office of Strategic Enrollment Technology is to build and nurture positive relationships with the university’s wide variety of stakeholders. Whether it’s a prospective student wanting more information about UTC, a faculty committee needing to view applications to their program or a local community member submitting payment for a professional education course, the Office of Strategic Enrollment Technology strives to provide a seamless, responsive, customer friendly experience.

Some of our tasks include:

  • Recruit, enroll and retain a talented, diverse student body
  • Maintain the university’s customer relationship software (CRM)
  • Provide support to campus enrollment/recruitment management software, including AppReview, Handshake and more
  • Collaborate with campus offices and academic departments to create efficient, robust communication plans that support recruitment, enrollment or other goals.