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Dr. Tammy Garland
Professor of Criminal Justice
Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies
PhD, Sam Houston State University
  (423) 425-5245
  (423) 425-2228
  Rm. 453, 540MC

Dr. Tammy Garland is a Professor in Criminal Justice and MSCJ Graduate Coordinator for the UTC Department of Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies.  Dr. Garland received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky (1997), a Master’s Degree from Eastern Kentucky University (1999), and a doctorate from Sam Houston State University (2004). She primarily teaches courses in drugs and crime, victimology, juvenile justice, and crime and popular culture. Her current research interests include popular culture and crime, juvenile bullying, drug policy issues, and the victimization of women, children, and the homeless. Her publications can be found in the following journals: American Journal of Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Policy Review, Criminal Justice Studies, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, Journal of Ethnicity & Criminal Justice, Journal of Feminist Criminology, Journal of College Student Development, and Southwestern Journal of Criminal Justice.

Dr. Garland is involved in a number of service activities at the university, community, and professional levels. Currently, she serves as a board member for the YMCA, Chattanooga Community Housing Development Organization, and the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. She also works with a number of local agencies to aid the homeless population. Additionally, she serves as a manuscript reviewer for a number of peer reviewed journals and works with a number of agencies as a program evaluator.  In 2011, she was awarded the Outstanding Service for the College of Arts and Sciences.

On a more personal note, Dr. Garland lives with her husband and their two children along with a myriad of pets. They spend much of their time camping, attending soccer and football games, and hiking with their dogs.

Select Recent Publications:

Garland, T.S., Blackburn, A., Browne, J.A., & Blanfort, C. (2017). Representations of female federal officers in crime dramas. Feminist Criminology

 Garland, T.S., Policastro, C., Richards, T.N. & Miller, K.S. (2017). Blaming the victim: University student attitudes toward bullying. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma, 26(1), 69-87.

Garland, T.S. Phillips, N., & Vollum, S. (2016). Gender politics and The Walking Dead: Gendered violence and the reestablishment of patriarchy. Feminist Criminology, doi: 10.1177/1557085116635269

Garland, T.S., Branch, K.A., & Grimes, M.* (2016). Blurring the lines: Reinforcing rape myths in comic books. Feminist Criminology, 11(1), p. 48-68. doi: 10.1177/1557085115576386

Richards, T.N., Crittenden, C., Garland, T.S., McGuffee, K. (2014). An exploration of policies governing faculty-to-student consensual sexual relationships on university campuses: Current strategies and future directions. Journal of College Student Development, 55(4), 337-352.

Garland, T.S., & Bumphus, V.W. (2012). Race, bias, and drug policy. Journal of Ethnicity and Criminal Justice, 10, 148-161.

Eigenberg, H., McGuffee, K., Iles, G., & Garland, T. (2012). Doing gender:  Perceptions of gender bias in the jury selection process.  American Journal of Criminal Justice, 37(2), 258-275.