Dr. Brian Ribeiro, a member of the UTC Council of Scholars and a past President of the Tennessee Philosophical Association, is the author of nearly two dozen scholarly articles, one of which was awarded a national prize by the American Philosophical Association (The Rockefeller Prize, 2004).  Dr. Ribeiro holds a UC Foundation Professorship and has served at UTC since 2004.


 Selected Publications

  • “Epistemic Akrasia,” International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 1 (2011): 18-25.
  • “Philosophy and Disagreement,” Crítica 43 (2011): 3-25.
  •  “The Problem of Heaven,” Ratio 24 (2011): 46-64.
  •  “Sextus, Montaigne, Hume: Exercises in Skeptical Cartography,” Modern Schoolman 87 (2009): 7-34.
  •  "Hume’s Changing Views on the ‘Durability’ of Skepticism,” Journal of Scottish Philosophy 7 (2009): 215-236.
  •  “Must the Radical Skeptic Be Intellectually Akratic?”, Facta Philosophica 8 (2006): 207-219.
  •  “Is Pyrrhonism Psychologically Possible?”, Ancient Philosophy 22 (2002): 319-331.
  •  “Epistemological Skepticism(s) and Rational Self-Control,” The Monist 85 (2002): 468-477.

 [N.B.: If you have exhausted the institutional resources available to you (electronic access, print access) and you were not able to obtain a copy of one of the papers above, you are invited to contact the author who will try to supply a copy for you.]

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