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Steven Wyre
Philosophy & Religion
Ph.D, University of Oklahoma
  365 540 McCallie Avenue

Dr Wyre has been teaching at the college level since 2000 and in the online environment since 2003. While something of a generalist, teaching historical philosophy from ancient through postmodern, I specialize in ethics and critical thinking. I have also taught Leadership at the Master’s and Doctoral level.

With a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, the goal is to bring a few decades of corporate experience into play in the development and teaching of Ethics and the Professions.

My doctoral research focused on the relationship between critical thinking, metacognition, and personal epistemology.


Some of my publications can be seen here: Researchgate | Steve Wyre



Wyre, S. (2005) Physical Mysticism: The Brain and Mystical Experiences. BookSurge Pub. ISBN: 1419618849

Wyre, S. (2010). Critical Thinking, Metacognition, and Epistemological Beliefs: How personal beliefs and thinking about one’s own thinking enhance higher order thinking.  Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 383859011

Wyre, S. (2011). Beliefs, Memories, and Learning: Using knowledge of the brain to promote higher-level thinking and leaning.  CreateSpace Pub. ISBN: 1456500163