General Arena Policies

Security/Building Policies and Procedures

Creating a safe and secure environment for all of our guests and employees is a high priority at McKenzie Arena. We take the necessary measures to provide an environment where our guests can have a good time without concern. Arena security personnel reserve the right to determine the method of security checks as deemed necessary including the use of metal detectors and handheld wand scanners, the search of jackets, clothing and other items.

What you are not permitted to carry into the Arena:

Prohibited Items:

  • No video recorders, audio recorders, or other similar electronic devices.
  • No noise makers (airhorns, cowbells, etc.)
  • No laser pointers, weapons, or knives of any size. 
  • No backpacks, large bags, purses or totes, duffel and drawstring bags or fanny packs. NO sealed packages of any kind (including gifts for performers).
  • No balloons that obstruct other patrons view of the event.
  • No bottles, cans, coolers.
  • No outside food or beverages. Exceptions are made for medical reasons, baby food and reasonable children’s snacks (crackers, raisins, juice boxes, etc.)

What you are permitted to carry into the Arena:        

University Venue Clear Bag Policy for Events. As of 2018.
A clear bag policy is in effect to enhance the safety of spectators visiting The McKenzie Arena and has been implemented for All events to include Arena and sporting events.

Fans are allowed to bring in one plastic, vinyl, or PUC clear bag that does not exceed 12"x 6"x 12" to Arena events. The list below outline the policy for approved items.

  • Storage bag: One gallon re-sealable clear plastic freezer bag.
  • Small clutch bag: No larger than 4.5"x 6.5" with or without a handle/strap.
  • Small diaper bag: Must be accompanied by a child and will be inspected by security.     
  • Purses are permitted and will be inspected by security.
  • Binoculars and cell phones are permitted and subject to security inspection.
  • Banners/Signs. (Banners and signs may not be hung anywhere inside the venue unless authorized by the Arena. Unauthorized signs or banners must be returned to your vehicle.


The Arena has a no re-entry policy. Once you leave the building during an event, you will not be permitted to return without purchase of another ticket.

First Aid

A first aid station staffed with certified Paramedics is located on the Main Concourse near Section 221 and Gate 1. A paramedic unit from the Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services is on site for all events. If you are in need of medical attention please notify a Arena Guest Services Representative. The Arena staff is trained to call for immediate response and assistance in emergency situations.

Service Animals

Trained guide dogs or service animals assisting guests are welcome inside the Arena. All service animals must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.

Smoking Policy

The McKenzie Arena is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus, therefore; you must request a hand stamp from an usher on smoke duty, exit the facility and leave University property then re-enter the arena through the metal detector!  

Ticket Policy

A valid ticket for the event is required for admittance to Arena unless otherwise indicated. Children two years or older must have a ticket for admittance unless otherwise stated. Children under two must sit on a parent’s lap.


The McKenzie Arena does not permit unauthorized soliciting or collecting of contributions, vending, distribution of fliers or other promotional/advertising materials on the premises.

Lost and Found

Please report any lost items to our Guest Services Desk located on the Concourse near Section 204. After all shows, lost and found items will be turned in to UTC police dept. to be reached @ 423-425-4357.

Camera Policy

The McKenzie Arena's camera policy is determined by each show and therefore varies from event to event. Typically, still cameras are permitted while video cameras are never permitted.