Finals Stress Relief

Studying is important and will help you finish this semester strong. Taking study breaks is ALSO important, so please enjoy these just-for-fun things to help you take a brain-break whenever you need one:

Puppy Puzzlers

Since we can’t visit with therapy dogs right now, let’s do the next best thing – complete these puzzles to get a look at our furry therapy dog friends who have visited us in the past and can’t wait to see us Mocs again!

Finals Week Memories

studio zine Quickbyte cover

Include Your Art in the Library Studio's Zine

Need a creative outlet? Create a one-page PDF spread to be featured in the next issue of QuickBytes, the Library Studio’s zine!

The Zine theme is Happy Future in Development. This issue will focus on our future. What are some activities and events that you are looking forward to? Use this Zine as a way to think about the future like graduate school, new hobbies, new friends, etc. Use pictures, words, and colors to express yourself!

Dimensions should be 8.5” (w) x 5.5” (h) (landscape orientation). Use Word, Photoshop, InDesign, or any of your favorite editors.

Need some inspiration? Templates and examples can be downloaded here or check out past issues of Quickbytes.

Submit Your PDF


utc coloring sheet

UTC Coloring Sheets

Engage in some colorful stress relief using coloring pages provided by the Alumni Affairs Office. Download to your favorite digital coloring tool or print!

chris o'dowd reading arnie

Soothing Celeb Storytimes

Enjoy stories from Dolly Parton, Tom Hardy, Chris O'Dowd, Betty White, and more! Watch Now

Stacy's List:
Free, Feel-Good Streaming Movies

Sometimes your brain can’t handle reviewing any more material and you just want to watch a funny movie. We’ve got you covered with free streaming movies! Get the 411 on why our favorite whiteboard-artist-in-residence recommended these films. Films available to stream until June 30, 2020.

Browse a Magazine

Sometimes flipping through a magazine is the best way to spend your study break. Enjoy free online access to nearly 1,500 popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, GQ, National Geographic, New Yorker, People, and more until June 30, 2020.

Download the Flipster app for an improved magazine reading experience on your mobile device! In the app, click “get started,” search for “Chattanooga” and select “Univ of Tennessee-Chattanooga” and then sign in with your UTC ID and password.

More Free Streaming Movies

Check out even more free movies available through UTC Library.

When You're Ready to Get Back to Studying

We're here to help you. When you get back to studying, check out the study aids and research materials available to you 24/7 or attend a live drop-in session to get help.