Ph.D. in English Studies (emphasis in Children's Literature), from Illinois State University MA in Literature, from Texas State University­San Marcos
BA in English (minor in History), from Texas State University, ­San Marcos

Research and/or Creative Interests
Children's literature, adolescent literature, fantasy, science fiction, feminist geography, ethics of care, ecofeminism, space theory, and looooooots of pop culture.

Teaching Interests

Children's literature, adolescent literature, gender issues, feminist geography, dystopian, and intersectionality

Teaching Approach
The best way I've found to engage students is to be REALLY excited about the topic; I LOVE talking about children's and adolescent literature and I think that comes across in the classroom.

During class, we do a huge variety of things including discussion, partner work, group work, (a tiny bit of) lecture, video clips, looking at random articles and websites, and listening to podcasts.


Outside of being a professor, what do you do for fun and/or relaxation?
Not a surprise, but I read A LOT (a big variety of children's and adolescent lit to keep up with my field, but I especially enjoy YA fantasy). I also love tv (especially British shows), traveling, cooking and baking, have recently taken up gardening (I still suck at it).

What are your expectations of students?
I except students to be in class and be engaged as much as they possibly can. I hope that they will be interested in learning more about lots of different kinds of things, and work to understand controversial topics from lots of different perspectives.

What's something about you that might surprise your students?

Most of my students know this by the end of the semester, but I don't know ANYTHING about sportsball (yes, that covers all of them), I love podcasts (Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Radiolab are my favorites), and I love musicals.