Dr. Jaynes teaches a variety of English general education courses. He also teaches in the Women's Studies Program, the UHON Program, and the Learning and Leadership doctoral program. Courses he has designed and delivered include Ecofeminism and American Masculinities (Women's Studies), Popular Horror Fiction (UHON), and Power, Gender and Influence (LEAD). He has lectured nationally on animal ethics and feminism, and his academic and creative writing has appeared in dozens of diverse outlets. He is the author of Elephants among us: two performing elephants in 20th century America (2013, Earth Books). He has been named Walker Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Design Fellow for 2017-2019. During this fellowship, he will investigate online instructional design along with his dissertation focus of human learning theory and instructional delivery style. He is also a Quality Matters Master Reviewer. Dr. Jaynes also Co-Founded the Awake and Engage(d) Documentary Film Series.

Research and/or Creative Interests

Instructional Delivery Style Human Learning Theory Creative Writing, Fiction Feminism

Animal Ethics (many others)

Teaching Interests

General Education Literature, Composition

Teaching Approach

Socratic. Experimental.

What are your expectations of students?

Open Mind.

What's something about you that might surprise your students?
I have far­reaching professional and personal interests that span many disciplines. Students are sometimes surprised to find out that I have taught 17 different courses at UTC spanning both divisions (1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 levels). Counting my last teaching job, I have taught a total of 19 different college courses since 2004. I have also had over 25 wide ­ranging and diverse jobs since I began working at 16, and I was voluntarily unemployed for most of my twenties. I also wrote a book about elephants. Bob Barker likes it.