Ann Buggey teaches courses in rhetoric and composition, children’s literature, literature for adolescents, and scientific writing.

Research and/or Creative Interests
I am a fiber artist and work in the following mediums: weaving, spinning, hooking, knitting, felting, quilting, and many types of needlework. I am a member of several guilds and national associations, and my work has won several awards.

Teaching Interests
Rhetoric and Composition Current British Literature Current American Literature Current Transnational Literature Science Fiction
Children's Literature
Literature for Adolescents Women and Textiles

Teaching Approach
I believe in using a variety of instructional methods including short lectures, videos, team­based learning, and experiential learning. Whenever possible lectures are minimized and students are encouraged to think critically and use workshop settings to test new skills. I am especially interested in visual rhetoric and alternative texts.

Why did you become an English professor?
I love to teach, and I love reading literature and am fascinated by language.

Why teach?
I enjoy being in the classroom and especially meeting young people.

Outside of being a professor, what do you do for fun and/or relaxation?
I spin, weave, knit, smock, swim, play with my grandchildren, travel with my husband, and spend time with my daughters and friends.

I am currently fascinated by growing dahlias and have over 150 plants. They range in size from tiny miniature balls to giant dinner plate flowers. I have originated new orchid and cactus dahlias and have grown them over 10 feet tall.

What are your expectations of students?
I expect participation, punctuality, preparation, and courtesy.

What's something about you that might surprise your students? I was a sharpshooter in college.