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Rachel Smith
Marketing Coordinator
HarperCollins Christian Publisher
BA English: Rhetoric and Professional Writing, 2016 Outstanding Graduating Senior in Rhetoric & Professional Writing


Career Accomplishments

Rachel spent her collegiate career pursuing internships and leadership positions, and trying to avoid direct eye contact with Dr. McCarthy. After graduating in 2016 she went to work as a marketing and sales intern with a tech solutions company, followed by being an unpaid intern with a boutique marketing agency while waiting tables on the side, followed by being hired as the marketing coordinator for HarperCollins Christian Publishers, the largest Christian publisher in the world. #Blessed

Thoughts on the UTC English Department

Where do I even start? The professors went so far beyond the classroom. They were friends, mentors, and people who pushed you way past your comfort zone in order to make you better. I minored in Promotional Marketing and while I enjoyed it, I learned the real heart of persuasion and advertising from my English classes. The department here is unreal. What other department has entire courses that feel like therapy, or a party, or a semester-long performance? How did Dr. Rehyansky make HOEL feel like Sunday School, then throw down playing Cards Against Humanity at the Sigma Tau Delta end-of-semester party? Amazing.

Advice to Students

English majors have to have minors, so use that to benefit your career path. More importantly, don’t think you have to have your entire life figured out the moment you walk across the stage. I included my entire messy post-graduate transition because I spent most of my collegiate career with no idea what I was going to do with my life, and that continued after graduation. Between March – November 2016, I applied to at least 50 jobs. So keep your heads up! You’re going to be fine.