Neurodiverse Hiring

Unfortunately the stigmas surrounding Autism have prevented many highly capable people from being employed. While every person with Autism is unique, here are some common benefits of hiring people with autism.


Attention to detail

People with Autism are very attuned to detail, and are often commended for their accuracy.


When given tasks people with Autism are able to persist and focus on detailed work and often find opportunities to concentrate on work for long periods of time to be fulfilling.


People with Autism thrive in a work environment that is structured and provides routine and predictability. This often results in people with Autism  staying with a position/company longer than other employees might.


Conscientiousness of rules, trustworthiness, and honesty are common qualities in people with autism.


Autistic minds work differently. They can bring a unique perspective to the table that produces creative ideas or new ways to solve problems.


Because individuals with Autism usually have intense, specific interests, the best jobs are those that allow them to be involved with those interests. An employee who is in a position that utilizes their passions will bring extensive knowledge and productivity to that position.

Intelligence & Aptitude

Many people with Autism have average to above average intelligence levels and the ability to grasp complicated problems.