Robert Emmet Meagher

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 9 August 1943 
Dual Citizenship: USA and Ireland


Professor of Humanities, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 01002 
Telephone: 860-844-8014 • Email:


46 Rengerman Hill Road, P.O. Box 286, East Hartland, CT 06027 
Telephone/fax: 860-844-8014 • Email:

From the time of my initial appointment in 1972 to the newly created interdisciplinary faculty of Humanities and Arts at Hampshire College, I have endeavored to integrate the arts and the humanities in my research, writing, and teaching. My work, essentially interdisciplinary and committed to the integration of the arts and humanities, is rooted in the following principles: to integrate is not to mix or to cross or to confuse; in fact, to integrate may itself be a misnomer; for what is integral is already of itself one, a whole to be discovered rather than amassed. Further, interdisciplinary understanding presupposes disciplinary understanding, yoking a scholar and teacher to the specific demands of multiple disciplines rather than exempting him or her from the particular demands of any one discipline.

In recent years, I have striven to extend my work in the humanities and the arts beyond the traditional confines of the academy. It has been and remains my aim to help to bridge the concerns of the university and those of the wider civic community. While continuing to teach on the undergraduate and graduate level and to write, I have resolved to focus ever more of my energies on the creation of public projects in the humanities and the arts, projects in which the academy and the wider community are equal collaborators.

In keeping with the interdisciplinary character of my work, I have arranged my resume under the several categories of: philosophy and religion, ancient studies, and theatre and the arts . In each of these disciplinary areas I have endeavored to establish substantive grounding and professional excellence, which I hope are documented convincingly in this resume.


1962–1966 Undergraduate studies in Philosophy, University of Notre Dame 
Summa cum laude in Philosophy
1966–1971 Doctoral studies in Philosophical Theology, University of Chicago 
[Revised thesis published by New York University Press, Harper & Row, and Hackett]


1968–1969 Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies 
Indiana University, Bloomington
1969–1972 Instructor in the Department of Theology 
University of Notre Dame
1972— School of Humanities and Arts, Hampshire College: 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion 1972–1974 
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion 1974–1984 
Professor of Philosophy and Religion 1984–1988 
Professor of Humanities 1988—


1979–1980 Faculty of Divinity Studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin
Spring 1984 Department of Philosophy, Smith College
Fall 1984 Department of Religious Studies, Mount Holyoke College
1986–1987 School of Classics, Trinity College, University of Dublin
1988– Honorary Research Associate, School of Classics, 
Trinity College, University of Dublin
Fall 1988 Department of Religion and Biblical Literature, Smith College
Spring 1989 Trumbull College and Department of Philosophy, Yale University
Fall 1989 Departments of Theatre and Philosophy, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
University of Kansas City Distinguished Visiting Professor
Spring 1990 Departments of Theatre and History, Willamette University 
Distinguished Visiting Professor of the College of Liberal Arts
Fall 1990 Davenport and Calhoun Colleges and Department of Philosophy, 
Yale University
1993 College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 
American National Bank Chair of Excellence in the Humanities
Spring 1994 NEH Visiting Distinguished Professor. 
Department of Religious Studies, Albright College
Spring 1996 Department of Classics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


1970–1972 Faculty, Committee for Academic Progress, University of Notre Dame
1973— Post-Doctoral Fellow of the Society for Values in Higher Education
1977–1979 Chairperson, History of Christian Thought, 
New England Region, American Academy of Religion
Summer 1981 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for research on Euripides
1982–1983 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Theatre
Summer 1988 Hewlett-Mellon Faculty Fellowship
Fall 1989 Distinguished University of Kansas City Visiting Professor Award
Spring 1990 Distinguished Scholar of the College of Liberal Arts, Willamette University
1993 American National Bank Chair of Excellence in the Humanities 
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Spring 1994 NEH Visiting Distinguished Professorship, Albright College


Guest lectures at numerous schools, colleges and universities, including: Trinity College Dublin, Hofstra University, Harvard University, University of Missouri–Kansas City, Willamette University, Smith College, Baker University, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth [National University of Ireland], Trinity College Hartford, Williams College, Ossabaw Island Project, Deerfield Academy, Girls Preparatory School, Center for Faculty Development – Chattanooga Public Schools, Albright College, Amherst College.



Undergraduate and doctoral programs in philosophy and religion University of Notre Dame and University of Chicago, respectively


Indiana University–Bloomington Trinity College, University of 
Smith College
University of Notre Dame Hampshire College 
Yale University
Mount Holyoke College University of Missouri–Kansas City 
Albright College
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  


[Areas of special interest and competence in italics.]
Aesthetics Ethics
Comparative Religion Ancient Philosophy
History of Philosophy Philosophy of Religion
Biblical Studies History of Christian Theology
Political Philosophy Existentialism and Phenomenology


1968 Personalities and Powers , Herder and Herder [Philosophy of Religion]
1971 Beckonings , Fortress Press [Biblical Theology]
1972 ed. Toothing-Stones: Re-thinking the Political , Swallow Press [Political Philosophy]
1974 Cave Notes , Fortress Press [Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics]
1978 An Introduction to Augustine , New York University Press [History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion]; published in paperback asAugustine by Harper & Row, 1979
1979 Camus , Harper & Row [Ethics, Existentialism, Philosophy and Literature]
1998 Augustine on the Inner Life of the Mind , Hackett [History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion]
1968— Numerous articles and reviews


Aristotle, Augustine, and Kierkegaard Philosophical Theology
Augustine Seminar Problem of Suffering
Camus; Euripides and Camus Religions of the West
Christian Doctrine and Thought 100-300 C.E Sense and Spirit: Intro. to Aesthetics
Classical Theology: Augustine and Aquinas Sense, Story, and Truth
Contemporary Religious Thought Sound and Spirit: A Seminar on Music, Philosophy, and Time
Ethics of Aristotle and Kierkegaard Theology and Culture
5-College Seminar on Comparative Religion Topics in World Religions
History of Political Philosophy Modern Continental Theology
History of Philosophy I & II Literature of Religious Awakening



As a student, I completed nine years of formal Latin training [classical and ecclesiastical] and seven years of formal Greek training [Attic, Homeric, koine], which involved, as well, the intensive study of Roman and Greek history, mythology, and literature. For the past fifteen years, nearly all of my research and writing has been focused on ancient East Mediterranean history, religion, art, mythology, and literature, with particular emphasis on classical Greece, wherein lies my greatest depth of understanding. My research on Euripides was supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities in the summer of 1981; and, for the summer of 1988, I received a Hewlett-Mellon research grant to prepare over six hundred slides for an introductory course on the Ancient East Mediterranean World. Finally, I have been awarded the position of Honorary Research Associate of the School of Classics of Trinity College, the University of Dublin, for a period of five years, renewable.


Hampshire College School of Classics, Trinity College, 
University of Dublin
University of Missouri-Kansas City Willamette University
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Albright College
University of Massachusetts


[Areas of special interest in italics.]
Homer Greek Philosophy
Greek Drama Hesiod
Translation of Greek Drama Orality and Literacy
Comparative Mythology Euripides
Comparative Epic Greek Art
Greek History Athens in the Fifth Century
History, Mythology, Art, and Literature of the Ancient East Mediterranean World


Translations: Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes , commissioned by Irene Papas, published by Bolchazy-Carducci, 1996. 
Euripides' Bakkhai , commissioned by Shared Experience Theatre Co., London and published by Bolchazy-Carducci, 1995; 
Helen , commissioned by Irene Papas and published by the University of Massachusetts Press, 1987; 
Iphigeneia in Tauris , commissioned by Irene Papas and A.G. Silva; 
Hekabe , published by Bolchazy-Carducci, 1996; 
and Iphigeneia at Aulis , published by Bolchazy-Carducci, 1994.
[Most of the above translations have received productions, at, for example, the Samuel Beckett Centre in Dublin, the Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, the Fine Arts Center of the University of Massachusetts, Hofstra University, and Arches National Park, Utah.]
Mortal Vision: The Wisdom of Euripides , St. Martin's Press, l989 
"Techne," commissioned contribution to Perspecta 24 , Yale School of Architecture, Rizzoli, 1988 
Iphigenia , an adaptation based on Euripides, with original score for orchestra and chorus by Jan Swafford 
Helen: Myth, Legend, and the Culture of Misogyny , Continuum, 1995.


Ancient Epic: Gilgamesh, Iliad, Pentateuch Euripides
Ancient Greek Drama Greek Language and Literature
Athens, Jerusalem, Rome Introduction to Ancient East
Biblical and Homeric Narrative Mediterranean World
Poems of Love and War Centers of Ancient Mediterranean Civilization
The First Woman: Inanna, Pandora, Helen, Eve Egyptian and Indo-Iranian Mythology



Since 1972 I have collaborated with a wide range of colleagues in theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts, teaching with them, serving with them on examination committees, and planning a range of cultural events. This has been for me one extended education in the arts as well as an opportunity for me to share my own understanding with colleagues and students. In 1982–1983 I was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in playwriting, carrying with it a $12,500 prize for my play , providing an extended period of time for the development of my playwriting skills. In 1987, I was invited to give a series of workshops to the professional theatre students at the Samuel Beckett Centre in Dublin; and, since then, I have been asked on several occasions to speak to students, graduate and undergraduate, at various universities working on the staging of ancient Greek drama. In 1989 I was appointed as a distinguished visiting professor to the graduate faculty of theatre at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where I taught a course on ancient theatre and directed a production of Euripides' Bakkhai .


1974 Pheidias , a one-act play produced at Hampshire College
1980 Jumble Sale , produced at the Focus Theatre, Dublin and later in Kilkenny and Naas 
Rabbit Lesson, original full-length play
1981 The Lion , original full-length play on the life of Alcibiades of Athens 
, original full-length play read at the Corner Loft Studio, New York, under the direction of William Woodman and at the Mark Taper Forum, with Richard Dreyfus as Armel
1982 Plague , full-length dramatic adaptation of Camus' The Plague
1983 Firestorm , original full-length play, published by Grimpenmire Press
1984 Feast Day , original full-length play written for Irene Papas and Michael Cacoyannis, published by Grimpenmire Press 
Collaboration with Irene Papas on screenplay entitled Taurica 
Screenplay for proposed sequel to Zorba the Greek , commissioned by Michael Cacoyannis in conjunction with Twentieth-Century Fox
1985 Screenplay for Helen , commissioned by Irene Papas
1981–1998 Translations of ancient Greek drama, listed under Ancient Studies
1990 Iphigenia , an adaptation in two acts based on Euripides, with music for orchestra and chorus—added in 1993—by Jan Swafford
1991 The Last Hostage , a novel, unpublished
1998 Visiting Day , original children's play


  • Media Project consultant and supervisor, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy, an agency of the National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Project guest and speaker, the Ossabaw Island Project
  • Coordinator of Hampshire College Arts Month, 1979
  • Director and producer of The Real Inspector Hound , by Tom Stoppard, Spring 1980, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, National University of Ireland
  • Director and producer of Euripides' Hekabe , both the theatrical performance at Hampshire College and the two-hour video aired on Continental Cablevision, 1981
  • Coordinator of Five-College Euripides Festival, 1980-1981
  • Director and producer of Jumble Sale , at the Iron Horse, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1982
  • Guest director, Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin, production of Euripides' Helen
  • Script consultant for John Dann: Sculptures in Bronze , produced by Justin P. West, 1988
  • Guest director of Euripides' Bakkhai , at the Center for the Performing Arts, December, 1989, for the MFA Program in the Department of Theatre, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Director and Producer of Iphigenia , November, 1993, Chattanooga, Tennessee, with major funding from the American National Bank, the Lyndhurst Foundation, the Benwood Foundation, and Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga.


ACADEMIC GOVERNANCE past and current

[At Hampshire College, unless otherwise indicated.]
Coordinator for the Humanities 
Moderator, Reappointment and Promotion Meetings, Humanities and Arts 
Member of the Board of Directors, The Massachusetts Review 
Five College* Irish Studies Steering Committee 
Humanities and Arts Executive Committee 
Five-College Seminar on the Humanities in Crisis 
Humanities and Arts Reappointments and Promotions Committee 
College Standards Committee 
College Senate 
College Committee for Faculty Reappointments and Promotions 
Chair, Curriculum Committee 
Convener, Educational Policy Committee 
Five College Dance Council 
Scholarship Committee 
Proseminar Planning Group 
Numerous Search Committees 
Freshman Curriculum Committee [Notre Dame] 
Urban Studies Advisory Council [Notre Dame] 
[*refers to the consortium of Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges, forming, with the University of Massachusetts, the FIVE COLLEGES INCORPORATED.]


Coordinator of Five College Euripides Festival 
Coordinator of Hampshire College Arts Month 
Coordinator of Advising, School of Humanities and Arts, involving direction of the Advising Center 
Founder, Senior Fellows Emeritus Program, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation 
Founder, Hampshire College Lectures in Philosophy of Religion 
Coordinator, Notre Dame-University of Chicago Colloquium in Honor of Mircea Eliade 

COMMUNITY SERVICE past and current

  • Director of The Iphigenia Project, Chattanooga, Tennessee, a public arts and education project involving faculty and students from over twelve schools and colleges in the Chattanooga area
  • National Executive Committee, Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, Dublin, Ireland 
  • Core faculty member, Humanities and the Professions Program, Brandeis University 
    Invited participant, 1st Humanities and the Professions Conference, Brandeis University 
    Panelist, 2nd Humanities and the Professions Conference, Brandeis University
  • Invited participant, 1st Public Humanities Institute, sponsored by the Massachusetts 
    Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy
  • Amnesty International
  • Consultant to the Danforth Foundation: 
    Interviewer, Kent Fellowship Program and GFW (Graduate Fellowship for Women) 
    Reader, Kent Fellowship Program 
    Resource Person and Conference Coordinator, Kent, Danforth, and GFW
  • Co-organizer, with L.John Roos in association with Allard K. Lowenstein, of the State of Indiana for the Movement for a New Congress, 1970.

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