Student Success

& Excellence of our Educational Programs

How do we improve retention rates and graduation rates and also focus on graduating students who are poised to assume the role of an engaged citizen of our society?  

Student success comes not just from the classroom; it comes from experiences outside the classroom, applying knowledge to problems in our community, working as a team on a project, giving back to our region by participating in community service activities. 

We must tie our student development and academic activities together to provide a broad experience that prepares our students for life today. 

Diversity and Inclusion is a value we must uphold and champion – our students will work in a global, knowledge-based economy and must be able to work with those who look different from them, those who have different religions, those who may have physical disabilities but have so much to contribute to our society if we just let them. 

The Chancellor’s Multicultural Advisory Council – a group of campus and community leaders

We have a student success task force.  And our Student Success facilitator will implement the recommendations with pilot programs this fall.

How do we expand experiential learning opportunities in our community and on campus? Opportunities to do something no one has done before, turn learning into fun activity and challenge.  Working with a company, non-profit, or local government on a project that relates to what our students are learning in the classroom opens the minds of our students and gives them practical knowledge about the world they will live and work in. 

International Education – study abroad and foreign students who come to UTC provide incredible opportunities to expand the horizons of our students.

We should also enrich our campus with 800 to 1000 international students. 

Athletics – this fits with both student success and connections to the community. 

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