UPRAC Members

Dr. Richard Brown                       Vice Chancellor, Finance & Operations
Dr. Roger Brown                         Chancellor
Dr. Phil Oldham                          Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Dr. Deborah Arfken                    Director, University Planning 
Ms. Jean Dake                             Chair, Exempt Staff Committee
Dr. Vicki Steinberg                      President, Faculty Senate 
Dr. Will Sutton                            Representative, Deans Council 
Dr. John Delaney                        Vice Chancellor, Student Development
Dr. Randy Walker                       Vice Chair, Graduate Council 
Mr. Yancy Freeman                    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services
Mr. Shalin Shah                          President, SGA
Dr. Parthasarati Dileepan          Faculty Senate: Budget &Econ. Status Committee
Ms. Kelly Griffin                         Chair, Employee Relations Committee
Mr. Rick Hart                              Director, Athletics 
Mr. Bob Lyon                              Vice Chancellor, University Advancement
Dr. Lyn Miles                              Representative, Faculty Senate 
Dr. Gene Schlereth                    Chair, Graduate Council 
Mr. Lee Harris                            Chair, Council of Academic Department Heads
Dr. Bryan Samuel                       Director, Access and Diversity
Dr. Dee Dee Anderson               Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Development
Mr. Chuck Cantrell                     Assistant Vice Chancellor, Communications and Marketing
Ms. Terry Denniston                  Chief of Staff, Chancellor
Dr. Richard Gruetzemacher      Director, Institutional Research
Mr. Tom Griscom                       Chair, UC Foundation
Mr. Scott LeRoy                          President, Alumni Board
Ms. Lynda Hood                         Chair, Chancellor's Roundtable
Dr. Susan Ritz                            Assistant Director, University Planning