Partnerships for Education and Research

Create external educational and research partnerships that take advantage of UTC’s distinctive programs, faculty expertise, and the resources of the Chattanooga metropolitan region.

The appointment of an assistant provost for Research and Engagement to lead this effort has resulted in an inventory of incentives/disincentives affecting faculty research productivity and a new policy to permit academic units to carry over F&A recoveries at year end. In addition, the action committee identified a center for education in the STEM areas and facilitated a new process to administer UC Foundation general grants program, linking awards to the UTC Strategic Plan. However, the Faculty/Staff Worklife and Diversity Study (FSWDS) revealed faculty would like more adequate support for their research.

The number of international partnerships increased; and, correspondingly, many more students participated in international study.

UTC has shared its arts programs with the community for decades but never kept a formal listing of these events. In year 1 of enacting the Strategic Plan, an exhaustive inventory revealed the extent of these programs and their audiences.

Initiative 2 (Education and Research) Key Indicators

A. Provide centralized administrative support for research

  • Appointed a senior faculty member as assistant provost for research and engagement
  • Established a policy permitting units to carry over F&A recoveries at year’s end
  • Organized a new process to administer the UC Foundation general grants program

B. Identify/develop/deliver educational and research initiatives to meet region’s needs

  • Completed an inventory of externally-funded partnership projects and faculty expertise
  • Hosted three roundtable sessions.

C. Expand and create new global/international relationships and partnerships to enhance course offerings, faculty research, scholarships

  • Increased the number of partnerships 43 percent
Number of Partnerships 2007 2008
  7 10
  • Increased the number of students experiencing international study by 30 percent
Number of Students Participating in Study Abroad Opportunities 2007 2008
  115 150

D. Sustain programs of excellence in the arts for regional cultural resources

  • Inventoried the number of UTC programs in the arts
UTC Programs in the Arts 2007 2008
  N/A 100 programs; 28,503 attendees; 49+ external partners