Achieving Success, Chemistry Help, and More


For success think:     (OT)4 = (on time) (on task) (on track) (ownership taken)

      on time - would it help to be on time or early and prepared  for activities: lecture, lab, study?

      on task - do your every day actions (what you are doing right now) fit with your broader plans?

      on track - are the decisions you are making now carrying you in the direction you want?

      ownership taken - are you responsible for your decisions, actions, and life path from now forward?

Scheduling your time:

You will find it quite helpful to plan out your schedule for typical week to see how you are going to fit studying into your daily activities. For a  Blank Week Schedule go to 24/7 scheduling sheet. Fill in all your activities - sleeping, eating, classes, studying, etc.  For a chemistry lecture class you need to schedule and spend 1.5 hours a day/6 days a week (or the equivalent time per week) studying and learning chemistry.


To learn chemistry you should:

  1. Read and study all the relevant textbook material as covered in class.
  2. Attend lectures, write notes repeatedly to learn your class notes.  Study on-line notes (Bring errors to my attention).
  3. Work all assigned homework problems (see UTC Learn: Blackboard course).
    1. Additional practice exercises and problems throughout chapters.
  4. Write specific questions you have and seek answers and understanding.
  5. Schedule 9 hours per week for Chemistry lecture study (Example 1.5 hours a day for 6 days a week).

General Helps and More:

Other Areas:

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