Achieving Success, Chemistry Help, and More

For success think:     (OT)4 = (on time) (on task) (on track) (ownership taken)

      on time - would it help to be on time or early and prepared  for activities: lecture, lab, study?

      on task - do your every day actions (what you are doing right now) fit with your broader plans?

      on track - are the decisions you are making now carrying you in the direction you want?

      ownership taken - are you responsible for your decisions, actions, and life path from now forward?


Scheduling your time:

You will find it quite helpful to plan out your schedule for typical week to see how you are going to fit studying into your daily activities. For a  Blank Week Schedule go to 24/7 scheduling sheet. Fill in all your activities - sleeping, eating, classes, studying, etc.  For a chemistry lecture class you need to schedule and spend 1.5 hours a day/6 days a week (or the equivalent time per week) studying and learning chemistry.


To learn chemistry you should:

1) Read and study all the relevant textbook material as covered in class.
2) Attend lectures, write notes repeatedly to learn your class notes.  Study on-line notes (Bring errors to my attention).
3) Work all assigned homework problems (see UTC Learn: Blackboard course).           
     Additional practice exercises and problems throughout chapters.
4) Write specific questions you have and seek answers and understanding.
5) Schedule 9 hours per week for Chemistry lecture study (Example 1.5 hours a day for 6 days a week).

General Helps and More:

Video Properties of Elements   seeing is believing - click element - wonderful videos 

Study Suggestions, Test Anxiety, Practice Questions  - thanks to Dr. Potts

Education Portal Library of Videos  for math

                                                        and science

Kahn Academy with video lectures on math, science, etc.

Click on Element and Get Information

National Science Digital Library

Chemical Education Digital Library

Chem Tutorials

Wiki Book General Chemistry

Online General Chemistry


Other Areas:

Computational Knowledge Engine  compute anything  - ask it a question

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