MATH 5470: Applied Mathematics for Science and Engineering I

The major topics for MATH 5470 are:

  • Series Solution of some Famous Differential Equations
  • Fourier Series
  • Partial Differential Equations of Physics and Engineering
  • Separation of Variables
  • Eigenfunction Expansions
  • Boundary Value Problems

Although not every student will take all of the following courses, this course covers material that is useful if a student plans to take ENGR 5380: Heat Conduction and Radiation, ENGR 5440: Applied Mechanics, and MATH 5480: Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineering II.

The links below refer specifically to MATH 5470 in the current term or in the last term that I taught the course.


Syllabus for Math 5470


Homework for Math 5470


Exam 1 Fall 2013

Exam 2 Fall 2013

Exam 3 Fall 2013

Exam 4 Fall 2013