University Service

Petitions Committee, 2009-2011

Faculty Senate, 2006- 2007

Faculty At-Large Senate, 2011-PresentCurriculum Committee, 2006-2007

Departmental Honors Committee, 2006-2007

Reserve Officer Training Corps Committee, 2006

University Scholarship Committee, 2004-2006

Budget and Economics Status Committee, 2002-2004

Summer Orientation Committee, 2004-Present

Graduation Marshal, 2003- Present

UT-System Pre-professional Articulation member, 2011
Faculty Research, 2011-Present
Provost Search Committee, 2013


College of Arts and Science

Curriculum Committee, Chair, 2013-Present

Executive Committee, 2013-Present


Departmental Service

Summer Freshmen Orientation: 2009- Present

Grote Scholarship Committee, 2004-2007, 2009

Hiring Committee, 2001, 2006

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Advisor, 2002-2007, 2009-2010

Pre-Medical Advisor, 2002-Present

Curriculum Committee, 2010-Present