Chattanooga Singers Fall 2018 Working Page


Maria (IV) - Jansson

                        pronunciation for Maria IV

Magnificat - Francisco Durante*

Be Thou a Smooth Way - Ralph M. Johnson

Jubilate Deo -Lászlό Halmos

Shout the Glad Tidings - Ned Rorem

 * you will find the Magnificat also listed as being composed by Pergolesi.  For centuries this was attributed to the famous student but actually the teacher Durante composed it so the more recent listings have this corrected.

Rehearsal Files

Durante Magnificat: youtube

Durante Magnificat individual rehearsal files

Rehearsal Schedule (dates vocal exams are done)

Sept. 27: Be Thou a Smooth Way, Jubilate Deo

Oct. 4: The Wait, Shout the Glad Tidings

Oct. 11: Maria IV

Oct. 18 Durante Mvt. 2

Oct. 25: Durante Mvt. 1

Nov. 1: Durante Mvt. 3

Nov. 8: Durante Mvt. 5

Nov. 15: Durante Mvt. 6

Night Rehearsals

 none planned this semester


Nov. 17, 6:00PM Rock City

Dec. 2, Major Work Concert Second Presbyterian Church CONCERT 5pm

Possible run out concert to a local high school during class meeting time