Potts Group Funding



External Funding

THEC, Gretchen Potts (PI) Ready to Reconnect Institutional Mini-Grant: Reconnecting with UTC Adult Learners Through Outreach:  Providing Scheduling Flexibility and Alternate Course Delivery ($50,000, August 2015 – July 2016)

NSF-MRI, Jennifer Boyd (PI-UTC), Stylianos Chatzimanolis (CoPI-UTC), Joey Shaw (CoPI-UTC), Henry Spratt (CoPI-UTC), Thomas Wilson (CoPI-UTC), Gretchen Potts (Senior Personnel), Hill Craddock (Senior Personnel) MRI: Acquisition of growth chambers for global change biology research and research training at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga ($342945, January 2014 – December 2016, funded)

University of Tennessee Research Foundation, Hassan Almoazen (PI-UTHSC), Catherine Crill (CoPI-UTHSC), Gretchen Potts (CoPI-UTC) and Richard Helms (CoPI-UTHSC): Transdermal Delivery of Trace Elements by Nanoemulsion Technology as an Alternative to Parenteral Delivery ($15000, 2011, funded)

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry IYC Grant (Co-PI): Chemistry Concepts for Elementary Students: A Hands on Approach to Bring Science into the Classroom ($250, 2011, funded)

Tennessee Higher Education Commission (Arts & Science Partner), Vocabulary across the Content Areas ($65000, 2007, funded).



Internal Funding

SEARCH (Student: Samantha Sweck). HPLC for separation and detection of OGSR extracted from silicone PPSD, 2019 ($933, funded)

Honors College Student Research Fellowship for Development of Alpha Society Digital Archives, January 2019 – April 2019. ($1000, funded)

UC Faculty Development Grant. Participation in the 2018 Biennial Conference for Chemistry Education (BCCE) in South Bend, Indiana, 2018. ($539, funded)

CRISP. Gretchen Potts (PI), Ethan Carver (CoPI), Margaret Kovach (CoPI) In-depth analysis of e-cigarette filling solutions and their biological implications. July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016. ($8000,funded)

PSRA (Student: Katherine Adorati). Effects of Cigarette Butts on Coastal Waters, 2015 ($968, funded).

PSRA (Student: Jessica Murray). HPLC detection of nicotine and related alkaloids in electronic cigarettes, 2013 ($968, funded).

PSRA (Student: Josh Justice). ICP-OES Detection of Trace Elements Delivered by Nanoemulsion Technology, 2012 ($905, funded).

UC Faculty Development Grant. Participation in the 2012 Pittsburgh Conference (Pittcon) in Orlando, Florida, 2012. ($639, funded)

Faculty Summer Fellowship. Analysis of contaminants leached from cigarette litter into surface soils, Summer 2012 ($2500, funded).

PSRA (Student: Amy Balestrino). Safe Smoking: A Study of Electronic Cigarettes, 2011 ($950, funded).

PSRA (Student: Katherine Thurman). Plants Grown in an Ash Tray: Bioaccumulation of Metals in Pea Plants, 2011 ($950, funded).

PSRA (Student: Matthew Stephens). More Than Just Litter: Quantification of Organic Compounds Leached from Cigarette Butts,2010 ($975, funded).

PSRA (Student: Daniel Burriss). Analysis of Organic Compounds Leached from Cigarette Butts, 2009 ($925, funded).

UC Faculty Development Grant. Participation in the 2009 Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2009. ($653, funded)

PSRA (Student: Jessica Woods). Analysis of Pollutants Released from Used Cigarette Litter, 2008 ($900, funded).

Faculty Summer Fellowship. Contaminants in the Little Sequatchie River: An environmental water analysis study, Summer 2008 ($2500, funded).

PSRA (Student: Sarah Easparam). Development of basic media sol-gel sensors, 2007 ($900, funded).

PSRA (Student: Sarah Easparam). Development of chemical sensors, 2006 ($900, funded).

PSRA (Student: Timothy Brooks). Answers from the ashes, 2005 ($875, funded).

Faculty Summer Fellowship. Elemental Analysis of human cremains, Summer 2005 ($5000, funded).

PSRA (Student, Kira Shurtz) Analysis of toxic metals in Lentinus edodes by atomic absorption spectroscopy, 2004 ($875, funded).

Grote Faculty Fellowship. Biomonitoring: A study of metal uptake in plants of the Chattanooga River Valley, Summer 2004, ($5000, funded).

PSRA (Student: Jane Dickerson). Biomonitoring: Analysis of toxic metals in Chinese privet by ICP-OES, 2003, ($875, funded).

Instructional Excellence Grant. Detection of fluoride ion in tea leaves and drinking water: Laboratory exercises for Chemistry 341 and Chemistry 342, 2003, ($2750, funded).