Chemistry 1110 Tutoring Information

OK, you have done all the homework assignments, but you are still having some problems? Where can you get help?
  1. My office hours --- I can't provide daily tutoring, but if you would like some help, I am more than willing during office hours. If you would like to come outside of my office hours, please email me( or give me a phone call (425-5296) so we can setup an appointment.
  2. Free tutoring: this is a service offered by the Student Success Center for all students.
  3. Chemistry Club Tutoring: $3 for a one hour session. Look for signs in Grote Hall advertising the sessions or visit the Chemistry Club website.
  4. Private hourly tutoring by chemistry majors: this is helpful but can be pricey. These tutors can charge between $10-$15 per hour. The Chemistry Club keeps a list of tutors.