How to Handle Test Anxiety

First off, I want you to know that you are not alone. The majority of students at UTC experience some degree of anxiety when test-taking. It is important to recognize the common signs of test anxiety and use relaxation methods that are unique to handle your stress.

Here are a couple of my own suggestions for combating test anxiety before general chemistry test. I would like to remind you that my Ph.D. is in chemistry, not in psychology.

  1. Preparation: chemistry exams are like no other exams you will take at UTC. Material for exams can not be learned in one or two evenings of studying, or even 24 hours of straight studying. It takes several study sessions for the material to sink in.
  2. Test Day:
    1. I would recommend that you stop studying at least 6 hours prior to the exam. Don't stay up 24 hours to learn material!
    2. For early morning exams, make time for breakfast.
    3. Check to make sure you have all needed materials BEFORE you leave for the test (Calculator, Pencil, etc.)
    4. Arrive on time. When you are late to an exam, you shorten your testing time. The professor is not required to give you more time.
    5. Wear comfortable clothes.
  3. During the test:
    1. Relax! You know this stuff!
    2. To combat nervousness, you might try bringing a stress toy to class. They can be very useful.
  4. For more help (and scientific suggestions) please visit the following websites: