My research field mainly focus on high dimensional biology and statistical computing. I am also an experienced collaborator.  I have collorborated with many researchers from different fields including cancer research, public health, epidimiology, nusing, biology,  computer science and engineering. 

Selected Publications

"Bupivacaine Extended-Release Liposomal Injection versus Bupivacaine HCl for Early Post-Operative Pain Control Following Wrist Operations: A Prospective, Randomized Control Trial", The Journal of Hand Surgery, Vol.45, Issue 6, P550.E1-550.E8, June 2020 (with Elizabeth L. Dale).

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Chapter  “Civil Infrastructure Serviceability Evaluation Based on Big Data”  of the book “Guide to Big Data Applications”, Springer 2017 1st Edition. (with Y. Liang etc.) [available at Amazon]


C. Gao, S. Pounds, AGDEX, a peer-reviewed open source bioinformatics software package., Bioconductor (2011).