“The one and only success which it is his to command is to bring to his work a mighty heart.”
       Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire, 1884


Andrew LedoanAndrew's office on a Sunday night, JUne 30, 2019

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics
The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
415 EMCS Building (Dept. 6956)
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403-2598

Office 417D EMCS Building
Telephone +1 423 425 2755
Electronic-Mail andrew-ledoan@utc.edu





REU Site: Research Training for Undergraduates in Mathematical Analysis with Applications in Allied Fields

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General Information

Before drifting out of electrical engineering into mathematics, I worked for Trimble Navigation Limited and designed firmware for navigation, tracking, data collection and timing. After receiving my doctorate from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and completing my postdoctoral research at University of Rochester, I moved to The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga in 2011.


Research Interests

  • Number theory
  • Probability



In Fall 2020, I will be teaching

  • MATH 4300 Mathematics of Interest
  • MATH 5250 Modern Algebra I


Editorial Board

I am happy to communicate high quality papers in number theory and probability to Punjab University Journal of Mathematics, where I currently serve as Associate Editor.



  • J. T. Ellis (PI), J. M. Kizza (Co-PI), A. H. Ledoan (Co-PI), and C. L. Cox (Co-PI), Leveraging Partnerships to Increase the Number of Highly Qualified Mathematics and Computer Science Teachers, NSF Award No. 1950253 ($74,948, August 2020–July 2021)
  • A. H. Ledoan (PI), J. Wang (Co-PI), R. Nichols (Senior Personnel), and S. Marlow Omrsby (Senior Personnel), REU Site: Research Training for Undergraduates in Mathematical Analysis with Applications in Allied Fields, NSF Award No. 1852288 ($282,659, May 2019–April 2022)
  • A. H. Ledoan (PI), R. Nichols (Co-PI), and C. Gao (Co-PI), Chattanooga Math Circle, MAA DMEG ($5,966, April 18, 2017–May 31, 2019)
  • L. Kong (PI), J. R. Graef (Co-PI), and A. H. Ledoan (Co-PI), Modeling Online Social Network Dynamics and Predicting Information Diffusion with Fractional Differential Equations, Tennessee Higher Education Commission—Center of Excellence in Applied Computational Science and Engineering Grants Program FY2019 CEACSE Award ($96,380, July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019)
  • J. R. Graef (PI), L. Kong (Co-PI), A. H. Ledoan (Senior Personnel), and Min Wang (Senior Personnel), REU Site: Differential/Difference Equation Models and Number Theory, NSF Award No. 1261308 ($290,000, May 2013–April 2017)



  • Ashley Holcomb, M.S. in Mathematics (May 2014)
  • Gentry Jones, M.S. in Mathematics (May 2015)
  • Benjamin Kimsey, M.S. in Mathematics (May 2015)
  • Melissa Miller, B.S. in Mathematics (May 2016)
  • Shannon Hyder, B.S. in Mathematics (May 2018)



You can find me presenting talks at the following meetings and conferences:


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