Building Montage
Several of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's most historic buildings and spaces are available to students, staff, alumni, and community groups for events. Use of one of these historic spaces can enhance any event, from weddings to small corporate gatherings. While all of the buildings house ongoing administrative and academic functions, they are available for use during non-working hours and often, with prior arrangement, during work hours.
The Patten House, located at the corner of Oak and Palmetto Streets on the UTC campus, houses the University's Alumni Affairs department on its second floor. Initially a private residence before becoming the first home of Cadek Conservatory, the Patten House's first floor is a beautiful setting for receptions and meetings. It is normally available during working hours and always available on nights and weekends.
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's history has always contained a deep belief and commitment to the religious freedoms shared by all. Proud and stately symbols of this are seen in the two chapels that anchor the historic quadrangle of the UTC Campus. In the early years, honor convocations, performance testaments and commencements have echoed through these halls. Currently the chapels see mostly wedding and memorial activities. Patten Chapel is one of the busiest sanctuaries in the city.
A re-dedication of these buildings took place in 1988, in which the chapels were restored to their original beauty and grace. This restoration has ensured the chapels will stand the test of time. We hope you will visit UTC and the chapels that have anchored this University. As to the future of the chapels, they will continue to allow us to reflect on our own commitment to the University’s mission: to prepare those who enter for a better future and never forget the past.
Our outdoor spaces are equally inviting. The recently renovated Shakespeare Garden, just outside Patten Chapel, is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding in a garden setting. Beautiful flowers around a warm brick walk with manicured patches of grass make this a very popular choice for small weddings and quiet place to relax.

As part of a million dollar renovation/beautification grant in conjunction with Chattanooga’s Riverwalk, Heritage Plaza was created on the UTC campus. Located in the apex of activity for the campus, Heritage Plaza pays tribute to the history of the various institutions which have combined to for the University as it exists today. Four medallions in a circle form a walk through time as the University has grown. Concrete walks surround a gray brick paver center with iron tables and benches nearby. Trees and planters help enclose the space for weddings or meeting friends after class.
For availability, rental information and booking questions about the Patten Chapel, Danforth Chapel, Shakespeare Garden and Heritage Plaza, contact Ms. Mal Long at (423) 425-2115.
To check availability and rental information for the Patten House, contact Ms. Jeanie Hill at 423-425-4108 or by email (Click Here)