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Engineering Building


The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga strives to develop exceptional engineers, computer scientists, and technologists, who will contribute to their fields and society through excellence in academics, applied research, and innovation.


The vision of the College of Engineering and Computer Science is to provide preeminent leadership in engineering, technology, computer science education and applied research to benefit our students, alumni, sponsors, and community.


Grounded in the application of scientific and mathematical principles and based on a commitment to interdisciplinary study, our programs and activities:

  • Prepare undergraduate students for rewarding professional careers or graduate study and for a lifetime of creative thinking and adaptive learning as productive citizens;
  • Prepare post-baccalaureate and graduate students for continuing professional development and career advancement;
  • Promote excellence in teaching and learning through scholarship in our disciplines;
  • Perform and disseminate applied research that solves problems of transforming information, matter, and energy into structures, machines, products, technologies, systems, organizations, and processes; and
  • Serve the University and our professional communities with leadership and distinction